Play forever

Play forever

Play forever

The scientific solution for longevity
and performance in professional sports

The scientific solution for longevity
and performance in professional sports

The scientific solution for longevity
and performance in professional sports


Maximize your investment

44% of NFL footballers and 51% of NHL hockey players miss at least one game per season

Predict and treat injury risk factors with MLA to minimize uptime and protect player value

Coaches and Physicians

Maximize your impact

The data-driven approach is the gold standard for athlete care and training

Capture detailed data on every team member and develop personalized solutions with our transparent data solutions and expert clinicians


Maximize your career

63% of soccer carreers end due to injury

Reverse-engineer your body with MLA to and develop bespoke training and care protocols to play out your career on your terms

Predict and prevent up to 76% of injuries

76% of professional sports injuries are non-contact, due to predictable causes like body structure and movement habits

We reverse-engineered the risk factors and built the solution to prevent them

Capture data in 90 seconds per athlete

Our user-friendly protocol and toolkit capture rich sets of biomechanical data for fully personalized analysis in only 90 seconds per session

Health and performance insights on every player in real time

We're designing and engineering the best platform for managers, coaches, and physicians to view data and insights, anywhere and any time

How It Works



Athletes are routinely recorded in 90-second capture sessions, performing specific motions



Our algorithms are developed by medical experts and trained on our proprietary data lake

Our user-friendly online dashboard presents data and insights to your medical staff



Our clinicians offer personalized guidance and design preventative solutions for each individual athlete

Backed by Science and Clinical Expertise

Our protocols and algorithms are validated by clinicians at the University of Salford

Our in-house clinicians routinely provide expert medical guidance to your team


Who is MLA for?

MLA offers a solution comprising software, protocols, and services for professional sports teams to prevent athlete injuries and maximize team performance.

What are MLA's scientific and medical credentials?

Our founding team and core staff have more than 50 years of combined experience across biomechanics, sports medicine, and physiotheraphy. We continuously consult with our team of medical and scientific advisors from the world's leading institutions worldwide to develop and validate our products and protocols.

Does our sports team need to employ new staff to operate MLA's solutions?

MLA's solutions do not require any additional staffing. Our tools and protocols are operated independently by the team's existing medical and coaching staff.

Unlock science-backed player longevity and performance

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